Smart Quantum Hybrid UV water treatment

Produces crystal-clear hygienic pool water by Nano Crystal Technology; meaning that photokatalytic reaction produces additional oxidisers, which transform organic substances as sun oil, biofilm and urea to their harmless molecular formation.

Lifts pool water to an ultimate level.

Smart Pool Partner

Measures the pH value, the ORP/Redox velue, the conductivity/TSD and the pool temperature.

Transmits the values to your device, gives recommendations for further water treatment and alarms in case of action required.

Evolution® AQUASTAR® comfort SafetyPack

The safest fully automatic 6 way backwash valve on the market.

Ocean® natural pool accessories

Professional cleaning of natural pools with Ocean® pool accessories.

Ocean® VAC automatic pool cleaners

Automatic and low noise cleaning with Ocean® VAC pool cleaners.

Praher® PVC valves, IBG® pipes & fittings

Correct solvent cementing of our high quality PVC valves- pipes and fittings as well as the technical features of our PVC S6 ball valve „the number 1 in the global poolindustry".

IBG® FlexFit® – Installation guide

How to quickly connect IBG FlexFit® components for a long and durable application in pools, fountains, ponds or spas.