What distinguishes top-quality products is that they

never let you feel that you’re on your own.


Service Hotline: 
+43 7435 584880
+43 7435 58488-3433


Out of an operating area of 16000 m2 we sell, regional and international, more than14000 high quality products for the main areas of the private, public, hotel- swimming pool, natural pool and water treatment industry.

Our competent and experienced team provides a quick, smooth and flexible, order processing, logistics and the appropriate technical support. This is also provided on-site if necessary, which will reduce you transport, stock and service costs. 

Thanks to our internationality we are able to communicate in German, English, French, Russian, Czech, Dutch and Spanish for a quick and uncomplicated  handling of your enquiries.


Even top-quality products may need servicing after several years of operation. Every branch of Peraqua has specialists at the ready to make sure that repairs are carried out as quickly as possible while keeping the cost as low as possible. Estimates can be obtained there for a small fee.

Important: It is essential that the faulty appliance is accompanied by a delivery note with a brief description of the fault and how and where the appliance has been used.

Spare parts

Repairing the appliances in good time can considerably prolong the useful life of the high-quality Peraqua products, and is also kinder to both the environment and your wallet. Peraqua’s efficient logistics service means that replacement parts can be delivered within 24 hours ex works.