Ocean® Stainless steel ladder deluxe overflow

Ocean® deluxe stainless steel ladders

Made of bright polished stainless steel rods in AISI304 / V2A

The Ocean stainless steel ladders are offered in two types: 2 – 5-steps in version stainless steel and antislip. The high quality stainless steel ladders are made of bright polished stainless steel tubes in AISI304 / V2A with a diameter of 43 mm and are delivered with a full set of accessories (rubber bumpers, screws and nuts also in quality AISI304 / V2A).

Produced according to EN 13451-1, EN 13451-2: AISI316 / V4A stainless steel ladders for flange installation available on request as well as swivelling links for installation in covered pools.

77574 2-steps, antislip steps, 13,2 kg, VE: 1 pce.
77575 3-steps, antislip steps, 15,3 kg, VE: 1 pce.
77576 4-steps, antislip steps, 17,1 kg, VE: 1 pce.
77577 5-steps, antislip steps, 19,2 kg, VE: 1 pce.


;A;B;C;D;E;F;G;Pool depth
2 steps;1460;750;250;710;842;180;500;100 cm
3 steps;1710;750;250;960;842;180;500;120 cm
4 steps;1960;750;250;1210;842;180;500;150 cm
5 steps;2210;750;250;1460;842;180;500;175 cm