The invisible zeitgeisty solar control with staying power

Mostly invisible for the user but indispensable – the small an efficient servants in the back. Praher solar control systems convince by their long life cycle, UV resistance and extreme service friendliness. A special characteristic of the good value Praher Solar “Easy” is the low maintenance of the temperature control for solar pool water heating. Failure in measuring are impossible due to separate cable conduits. Furthermore this technical solid device with integrated lid fastener is the only solar control suitable for shaft installation and is easy to operate. The nominal temperature between 200 and 360°C is set by a wheel – only first set-up necessary.

The fixed hysteresis is 40°C. Maintenance and set-up control by LED (operation modus solar).

Advantage for installation

Lid has not to be opened (protection code IP 67). Pre-wiring of the temperature sensors inclusive.

The Solar “Easy” can be “easily” combined with a solar pump with electric ball valve. 100% safety feeling for the users due to function control after production.

Technical Data

  • Voltage 230V~(AC)
  • Frequency 50–60 HZ
  • max. consumption ca. 4 Watt
  • Relay 1 relay exit, potential free (closing contact) max. 4 A
  • Exit (changeover contact) max. 1800 Watt
  • protection code IP 65
  • Ambient temperature: max. 0°–50 °C
  • Control range 20–36 °C
  • Difference Δ T 4°C
  • Hysteresis 1,5 °C under switching point
Resistance chart
Resistance chart_German
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Operating Manual
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Electric Connections
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